When we take a photograph we have a very specific goal in mind; we want the image to make you laugh... or cry.

We want you to be overcome with emotion each and every time you view your photos. We want to give you the gift of being able to re-live that moment in time.

In order to accomplish this, we photograph the moments and the details truthfully and artistically. You can trust us to document what we see... not stage it. Of course, in the case of your wedding, we will quickly and efficiently do the necessary group photos, but we will never ask you to stop and smile in the middle of your first dance!

The Result: A full set of editorial images. Photos of the moments that you were aware of, and some that you may not have remembered if we had not captured them with our cameras.

Whether it be a newborn baby, a family portrait, engagements or wedding photos, we take our cues from you and strive to create distinctive artistry, timeless imagery, and personal attention in each and every picture we take. These are the qualities of our photographers, the unique touches that set Brooks Photography apart from the rest.